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Alcohol and Substance Use Resources

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A collection of resources for students struggling with substance use issues (including alcohol, prescription drug misuse, and marijuana). If you have questions about your use or the use of a friend, Student Wellness and Health Promotion offers confidential counseling services to help out. We know that you are faced with difficult choices at times when it comes to drug and alcohol use, and it can be helpful to talk about those choices. In our sessions, we can help you achieve the goals that you set. This can mean learning how to drink in a safer way where the likelihood of you experiencing negative consequences from your use can be reduced. We can talk about what safer use is and what it isn’t. And if you decide that you don’t want to use anything anymore, we can help you with that too.Our office offers both Group and Individual counseling sessions. To schedule appointments call: 302-831-3457. Appointments cannot be scheduled via email.


No Available Tasks

All Tasks that were previously found in this Task Center have expired or been removed.

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