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BASICS is a program offered by Student Wellness & Health Promotion that helps you to explore your alcohol and drug use in a non-judgmental environment. The program’s goal is to reduce risky behavior and the harmful consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse.

What is BASICS?

BASICS stands for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students. It is a tool that uses personalized feedback and motivational interviewing to assist students in reducing high-risk drinking behavior. It increases students’ motivation to change high-risk behavior and encourages students to make more positive choices for their health and wellness.

Who is BASICS for?

Any student who would like to know more about their alcohol or drug use can choose to attend BASICS. Additionally, students who violate the University’s policies related to alcohol and drugs are required to attend BASICS. BASICS is a program that helps you examine your use, identify changes that could work for you, and reduce your risk of future problems. It is not therapy or substance use treatment.

What happens in BASICS?

In BASICS, you will complete an online assessment, creating a personalized profile of your substance use. Substance Use counselors will talk with you about these results, helping you identify consequences of your choices and explore ways to reduce risks. Your counselor will also review common myths and facts about alcohol, and teach strategies to moderate use.

Make an Appointment for BASICS

Any student can schedule a BASICS appointment by calling our office: (302) 831-3457. If you are required to attend BASICS, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to schedule online. Space is limited, so schedule early to meet your deadline for completion. 


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